A stunning cream concrete vessel with a crackling wooden wick. The perfect gift for that special someone this Valentine's day. Whether that's a new love, an old love, or even show yourself some love with this beautiful candle.


Available in two elevated and complex fragrances.


Hand poured with luxurious and vegan Coconut Apricot wax.

265 g.


HOMEBODY: petitgrain, rose petal, honeywood.

Exotic woody notes blended with creamy rose petals and honeywood combine to create this luxury fragrance. This warm blend adds an element of richness and comfort to any space, perfect for the homebody like me.

SLOW DANCE: pinot grigio, Sonoma air, oak barrel.

A perfect blend of vineyard grapes, fresh Sonoma air, and a woody base note of aged oak. This delicously intimate fragrance is the perfect date night candle, for slow dancing around the kitchen with your favourite glass of wine.


Pat. www.woodenwick.com/patents